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Did you know that hypnosis is an incredible tool for witches?!

As a witch, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your magic. Whether it’s through rituals, astrology, or tarot, you’re always exploring new ways to deepen your connection to the universe.

But have you ever considered using hypnosis to take your magic to the next level?

Yep, hypnosis for witches and their witchy work.

In this post, we’ll explore five ways that hypnosis can help you grow your own personal magic, and why you should consider adding it to your witchy toolkit.

Hypnosis for Witches Enhances Trance States

The first way that hypnosis can enhance your witch magic is by helping you achieve deeper trance states.

When you think of hypnosis, you probably think of trance, and technically, ritual work is kind of hypnotic too. You decide on a goal, set up the atmosphere with sights, sounds, and textures, meditate, pray, and perform a ritual to seal the deal.

Listening to hypnosis recordings or working with a hypnotist can help amplify your ability to get into this trance much more easily and effectively. This can help you enter a deeper state of relaxation, which in turn can help you access the power of your subconscious mind.

Grow and Protect Intuitive Abilities with Hypnosis for Witches

For those of you who consider yourselves sensitive, hypnosis can help you increase your awareness and sensitivity for that “knowing.” At the same time, hypnosis can also protect you from negative or harmful energies of others.

With hypnosis for witches, you can clear out negativity in your own energy and set up subconscious protective layers so that you automatically do something different or react in a new way, rather than falling into the same old traps. This can help you stay grounded and centered, even in the midst of chaos.

Hypnosis Helps You Access the Subconscious

Hypnosis can help you become aware of what’s been holding you back, like hidden habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving so that you can resolve old trauma or emotional pain and make positively magical changes in your life.

By taking that journey of the mind, you’ll notice how the old pattern has been stopped, and something new is in place. This is like changing out old parts of a car engine so that the engine runs much more smoothly.

With hypnosis for witches, you can access the power of your subconscious mind to create positive change in your life.

Influence Your Behavior with Hypnosis for Witches

Hypnosis can influence your behavior, like unhealthy habits from food cravings to skin picking to choosing toxic partnerships to motivation to finally make that change you’ve been putting off.

By slowing the brain waves down, you become suggestible to new ideas, and it becomes much easier to make changes on the subconscious level, rather than trying to fight your way consciously through willpower alone.

With hypnosis for witches, you can create positive habits and behaviors that support your magic and help you manifest your desires.

Relax and Make Magic with Hypnosis for Witches

Finally, hypnosis can help you reduce your baseline levels of stress and anxiety, increase your confidence, and help you make more beautiful magic in your life.

With hypnosis for witches, you can enter a deep state of relaxation and access the power of your subconscious mind to help you manifest your desires. By reducing stress and anxiety, you can create a more peaceful and harmonious life, which in turn can help you create more beautiful magic.

Free Hypnosis Videos for Witches

Psst! If you’re interested in exploring the power of hypnosis for your witchy work, start with the free hypnosis video links below.

These recordings by hypnotist and tarot reader Jessi McAnelly of Moon Hypnosis will help you explore the world of hypnosis, plus tarot-specific hypnosis videos to help you in your witchy magick. By incorporating hypnosis into your spiritual and spell work toolkit, you can enhance your magic and create positive change in your life.

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