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Unleash Your Inner Magic

Discover your ability to release inner resistance, to relax into your own personal magic, and to move towards your big dreams and goals faster and easier – with clarity and confidence!

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Unlock the Powerful Self Hidden within You

Feeling stuck? Lack clarity? Running into the same problems over and over again?

You have big dreams and beautiful goals for your life, but something seems to be missing. It feels like something within you is blocking your way forward.

Your mind is just doing its best you in the same place. After all, it’s done a good job of keeping you going in one direction, right?

But now it’s time, and you’re ready to…

  • Get to the root of the issue and release what’s been holding you back.
  • Take action on your big dreams and beautiful goals.
  • Be guided to unlock your own inner wisdom and guidance.

The good news is you have the power to change.

And I can help…

Release Inner Resistance With Hypnosis

When you release inner resistance, you will watch your life unfold in a new way.

  • Imagine what’s possible when you release that resistance inside…
  • When you rediscover your own clarity and confidence…
  • When you reclaim your personal power and embrace a harmonious mind, body, and spirit

You’ve probably heard of hypnosis…

Hypnosis is a natural process that puts you back in control of your thoughts, emotions, and habits. It works by helping you to create that space inside where the mind becomes receptive to positive suggestion, giving you the opportunity to stop old patterns and create new ones.

Experience the transformative power of your subconscious mind when you let go of what used to hold you back and reprogram your mind for more of what you really want out of life.

No matter what you thought held you back in the past, together we’ll uncover your path to the life you truly desire. You’ll discover just how easy it can be to move forward powerfully and confidently towards your goals when you release what’s been holding you back.

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OK, Real Talk…

What You’ve Been Doing Doesn’t Work.

What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working the way you want it to, right?

That’s why you’re here.

Most people hope that conscious willpower alone is enough to conquer life’s challenges. Yet even behind willpower, the subconscious mind is actually what’s running the show.

Countless little unconscious programs of habit influence every little decision you make. Everything from your actions, behaviors, patterns of thought and belief, even societal programming and commercial influence. Even that change you want to make.

All these little unconscious programs are why you’ve felt resistance to change.

That’s why willpower alone hasn’t worked.

What if you could break through resistance and get to your goals faster, easier, and more effectively?

Working with me means putting a stop to some of those old unhelpful unconscious programs and putting you back in charge of the direction of your life.

Imagine six months from now…

  • You’ve discovered your ability to release resistance.
  • You’ve blown right past whatever used to hold you back.
  • Your life is filled with evidence of your own progress and personal power.
  • You see the world as full of opportunity and inspiration.
  • You’re consistently moving towards your goals – and you have the resilience to bounce back when you slow down.
  • You feel confident, powerful, unstoppable.

Or you could be doing exactly what you’ve been doing up until now…

  • Still stuck in the same old patterns of thought, feeling, behaving, believing, and reacting.
  • Still hoping, wishing, dreaming for a better life, a happier you.
  • Still going in circles while you see others around you building the lives of their dreams.

Which one will you choose?

Discover the Powerful Benefits of Hypnosis

Melt Away

Stress & Worry

Discover the remarkable ability of your own mind to dissolve stress and worries that used to weigh you down. Cultivate a sense of calm as you melt away those old feelings, leaving you rejuvenated, refreshed, and empowered!

Triumph Over

Anxiety & Fear

Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to dehypnotize you from anxiety and fear, and tune your mind to all the good stuff that’s waiting for you just on the other side.

Break Through

Emotional Blocks

You know you want to do X…
But there’s just something that’s been holding you back. That’s where I come in! When you release inner resistance, you liberate yourself to move forward confidently.

Liberate Your

Creative Spirit

Say goodbye to creative stagnation as hypnosis becomes your key to unlock the floodgates of inspiration and imagination. Tap into your inner well of creativity, allowing fresh ideas and innovation to flow effortlessly.

Ignite Your

Inner Confidence

Light your inner fire and discover your own empowered sense of confidence and can-do attitude. Unlock the sense of personal power within you, so you can embrace your true potential and radiate your most beautiful self.

Enhance Your

Intuition & Inner Guidance

Tap into the wellspring of inner wisdom that lives within you. Discover your ability to trust your instincts, make decisions aligned with your deepest knowing, and connect with your higher self.

Release the Past

Heal & Transform

Experience the profound healing and transformation that hypnosis offers as it guides you through the journey of releasing pain & trauma. As you heal the past, it becomes your stepping stone towards your bright and beautiful future!

Empower Your

Fitness & Well-Being

Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to release unhealthy habits, enhance your fitness motivation, boost your self-discipline, and achieve your fitness goals with unwavering confidence.

Manifest Your

Dream Life

Tap into your powerful inner self and energetically align your desires, thoughts, intentions, and actions to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Release & Replace

Thought Patterns & Beliefs

Shed limiting thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, so you can replace them with purpose and motivation. Transform that inner critic into your inner cheerleader!

Supercharge Your

Performance & Focus

Elevate your performance to new heights as you unlock your full potential! Discover your ability to focus on demand, heighten your concentration for those important things you want to accomplish, and experience mental clarity, so you can excel on your own terms!

Improve Your


Deepen your connections and improve your relationships as you gain insights into yourself and others. Discover empathy, effective communication, flexibility, and boundaries that work for you and others.

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Meet Jessi McAnelly

It was almost like I was there… But I had somehow been “somewhere else” too. With a deep stretch and a pleasant yawn, I was “waking up” from what felt like the most refreshing dream-laced nap

But funny enough, I was awake that whole nap, listening as the hypnotist guided me on this unusual but pleasant and soothing experience to uncover something inside. As I gently roused myself from the most relaxed feeling of my life, I noticed something that surprised me.

Almost like magic, that old feeling was gone.

Emotionally, I felt a thousand pounds lighter.

I had left that old relationship, the old habit. I was making my way towards an undefined “somewhere better,” but it was so hard to keep trying to make changes on my own. I may have been doing the actions of walking away, but a part of me was still stuck “back there,” and I want to feel really free.

Ever feel like there’s something hidden under the surface holding you back?

That if you could somehow move that invisible roadblock, everything would change? That maybe, just maybe, the world is actually full of magical possibilities waiting for you, if you could just get this one feeling out of your way?

It was because of that hypnosis session, I finally had that motivation to take those steps and grow into the person I wanted to become. Over the coming months, I lost 50 pounds, I got my own apartment, and I took back control of my own destiny.

I started playing in the world, taking risks, believing in myself.

I began to realize my worth and started focusing on my own happiness and fulfillment.

And almost one year later, I started my first course on hypnosis, because I knew this was the path for me, and I wanted to share this experience with others ready to change. And now, here I am, helping people every day to let go of the old and rediscover their magical selves hidden inside.