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Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress, and Fear

Client Testimonial - Moon Hypnosis

“I’d been taking medication for sleep for a year, trying to settle down at night and turn my brain off. Under hypnosis I was able to let go of the rabbit-hole my brain went down every night and even after one session I slowly began to sleep better and better. That was a month ago. Now I fall asleep naturally every night without medication. Fantastic.”

Steve M.

“This is most definitely a tool that with a little trust on your part can get your brain and heart to a really amazing place. As a pretty hard nosed realist I can tell you it has very practical value and I think it can be just the thing when you need a bit of a reset.”

Hari Z.

How does hypnosis help you take back control of anxiety?

If you’re thinking about exploring hypnosis for anxiety, you might wonder if it really works…

Lost in the fog of overanxious thinking? Lack clarity on the direction of your life? Running into the same problems over and over again?

Perhaps it’s like there’s an invisible weight keeping you in place, and you’re just not sure how to move forward through the fear.

Do anxiety, stress, and fear affect your work, your relationships, your ability to move forward on your goals and dreams?

Discover your ability to reduce or eliminate your anxious thoughts with hypnosis for anxiety…

Hypnosis helps you reduce anxiety, stress, and fear!

Hypnosis can give you the tools to stop anxiety, stress, and fear…

You’ve got a powerful subconscious mind.

So powerful, in fact, that without you even consciously thinking about it…

  • It senses and alerts you to danger (even when it feels over-reactive).
  • It creates vivid images and sensations within you as you read.
  • It believes the emotional drama of your favorite movie, even though it’s all pretend.

And just as the subconscious mind keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your muscles moving, it’s done a great job of keeping you anxious.

And while that anxiety, fear, and stress you’ve experienced may have felt completely out of your control, here you are, taking a step to freedom and learning how hypnosis works for anxiety…

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Free Hypnosis Tools for Anxiety

Check out these free techniques and tools to get you feeling better today. You can visit this page for free videos to help you relieve anxiety with hypnosis.

Take back control of your life with hypnosis!

Because by taking those first conscious steps and saying, “I want to move my life forward, even though I don’t know how I’ll do it yet,” your subconscious starts to shift its direction.

I can show you the rest of the way to breaking free from anxiety, fear, and stress with hypnosis!

Together, we will relax the critical, analytical, overthinking part of the mind (that anxious mind), calming those overactive and reactive parts of the subconscious, and putting in place new thoughts, habits, and behaviors.

And as your mind relaxes, that fog of old anxious feeling clears.
And as the fog clears, you get back all that energy and time spent on overthinking and criticizing yourself.

Energy and time to spend building the life you’ve always wanted.

Hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and fear is the process that puts you back in charge of your life and your future.

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Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress, and Fear

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