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Hypnosis for Heartbreak

“I recently had a session with Jessi to prep myself for returning to my hometown for my sister’s celebration of life. Coping with her untimely passing has been incredibly difficult and, yet Jessi grounded me in just one session of hypnosis. I used what came up in that session to ground me through the difficult parts of this trip – particularly the unexpected. I will absolutely be doing a follow-up session!”

Flyn A.

Discover your ability to heal your heart…

Grief is a feeling with many faces. The end of a relationship. The death of a loved one. An unexpected life change.

A profound sense of loss can overwhelm goodness and color the would-be happiest of moments.

And while grief is a natural process we must all experience, you may find yourself stuck in it, struggling to let go of the pain, unable to move on.

If you feel trapped by grief, you may wonder if you could ever climb back out.

My heart was broken. Over and over and over again. By family, by lovers, by people I thought were my friends.

I lost my brother to life imprisonment. Friends to drug overdoses. Family to depression.

In my love life, I found myself in the same painful patterns time and time again. Trust became elusive, and my confidence was inconsistent at best. I became jealous, isolated, codependent. Abandonment echoed in all my relationships.

I wondered if anyone would ever love me… Or if I was just unlovable.

Yet today… I feel love. Real, profound love. For myself. For the world around me. I’m living proof that life can be good again. That happiness is within reach.

You too can love yourself again. Hypnosis can give you the tools to empower you with a bright, beautiful future. I’m here to guide you through the process.

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Hypnosis for Heartbreak

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