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Feeling stuck? Lack clarity? Running into the same problems over and over again?

Your mind is just doing its best you in the same place. After all, it’s done a good job of keeping you going in one direction, right?

The good news is–and you may not realize it yet–you have the power to change.

Hypnosis is a process that puts you back in control of your thoughts, emotions, and habits. It works by tapping into your subconscious programming (what’s going on behind conscious thought) and pointing it in the right direction. Hypnosis takes a creative, relaxing, and motivating approach to making changes!

Ready to be free? The change starts with you…

Episode 352 - Jessi McAnelly on Jump-Starting Business - Work Smart Hypnosis

Jessi McAnelly on Jump-Starting Success

Founder of Moon Hypnosis, Jessi McAnelly, featured on the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with author of Work Smart Business, Jason Linett.

What Are You Ready To Change?

Quit Smoking
Drink Less Alcohol
Stop Procrastinating
Manage Weight Loss & Fitness
Get Better Sleep
Pain Management
Healthy Habits
Stress & Anxiety Management
Performance Anxiety
School & Work Stress
Fears & Phobias
Moving On From Heartbreak
Loneliness & Isolation
Relationship Crisis
Grief & Loss

Ready to make a change?
You’re in the right place…

  • What will your life look like when you
    take back control?
  • When you reach your full potential?
  • When you feel good about you
    mind, body, spirit?

Whether you’re looking to quit smoking, lose weight, drink less, release fears or phobias, or make some other positive change in your life, I can help. Hypnosis gives you tools to take back control of your thoughts, feelings, and habits.

Here’s a little something to get you started…

Hello! I’m Jessi McAnelly
Certified Hypnotist

I’m Jessi McAnelly of Moon Hypnosis, serving the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area and located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I’m here to help you tap into the power of your mind to create powerful and lasting change in your life.

With the help of hypnosis, I completely turned my life around – it’s why I’m here, doing what I do. Learn my personal story by clicking the button below.

Conveniently Located in Downtown Ypsilanti

@ St. Luke’s Episcopalian Church

Enjoy free, ample parking right in next to my office! It’s easy to get here from anywhere in Washtenaw County, a quick shot north from I-94 up Huron Street until you reach the church offices parking lot.

Be sure to savor the natural surroundings and stop by the church’s courtyard to view the lovely garden and stained glass windows.

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Don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what other people are saying about my hypnosis services!

“I’d been taking trazadone for sleep for a year, trying to settle down at night and turn my brain off. Under hypnosis I was able to let go of the rabbit-hole my brain went down every night and even after one session I slowly began to sleep better and better. That was a month ago. Now I fall asleep naturally every night without medication. Fantastic.”

Steve M.

“I recently had a session with Jessi to prep myself for returning to my hometown for my sister’s celebration of life. Coping with her untimely passing has been incredibly difficult and, yet Jessi grounded me in just one session of hypnosis. I used what came up in that session to ground me through the difficult parts of this trip – particularly the unexpected. I will absolutely be doing a follow-up session!”

Flyn A.

“This is most definitely a tool that with a little trust on your part can get your brain and heart to a really amazing place. As a pretty hard nosed realist I can tell you it has very practical value and I think it can be just the thing when you need a bit of a reset.”

Hari Z.

What’s next?

Change starts with YOU…